Crazy easy chicken broth

Some days, it's really tough to convince yourself that you don't need that breadricepasta.  Today was so very much one of those days. I was trying to think of dinner and nothing felt complete without some sort of grainy carby goodness. Hot dogs (yes, I was that desperate for simple food) needed whole grain buns, shrimp and bell pepper stir fry REQUIRED brown rice. There was no winning, so I gave up. I got home and scrounged through the fridge looking for something simple, filling and remotely appetizing. I have recently discovered I love cooking, but today... Just no... 

So I ended up with this:

Probably the strangest dinner on the planet. Leftover avocado coleslaw with tahini and straight chicken broth. Yeah... But it actually did the job. 
For anyone not really wondering... I attempted to satiate my coleslaw craving with a creamy avocado coleslaw... But it came out not-so-creamy. In an attempt to make it more palatable, I mixed in a spoonful of tahini that was sitting around in my fridge... Surprisingly satisfying.  Though it certainly needs more works before I will consider it a recipe.

The chicken broth, however, is my new best friend. 

Bone broth is something I've heard much about from Paleo enthusiasts. Bone broth involves cooking all the marrow and nutrients from meat bones, be it beef, chicken or lamb. It sounded like so much WORK though. Till I browsed around a bit and discovered the easiest chicken bone broth on the PLANET from ohlardy.com. 

Dump chicken bones, a chopped onion, a few chopped carrots and celery along with a couple tbsp of apple cider vinegar (go for raw, you know you want to) into a crockpot and fill with water. I have a small 5 quart crock pot, so the mostly stripped carcass of one chicken was sufficient. 
Cook on low for 24 hours, strain and add salt and pepper to taste. Voila! Chicken broth to use as a base for soups (ask me about dairy free clam chowder) or for a tasty, mineral rich meal option when pressed for time. I was surprised how good it was, actually, on its own. What can I say, I'm a skeptic. 
Anyway, I highly recommend it based on how simple it was to put together. Once I get ahold of some beef bones, I look forward to making my own beef broth.
In the meantime, I need my berry cobbler/crisp (I don't know what you call it when it's lacking in wheat flour and oats) to finish cooking so I can go to bed. More on that to follow...

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