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My favorite meal is seriously breakfast. I sometimes skip it now because I try to eat only when I'm genuinely hungry and I'd rather just sip on my coconut oil coffee (more on that another time), but I still love how many things you can throw together for a complete, filling breakfast in 5-10 minutes. Since going Paleo(ish), it's opened up even more. Eggs are not a requirement for breakfast, it's really just another meal to eat whatever you can to get your essential proteins and fats. That being said, I love eggs. Breakfast today was a simple American staple: scrambled eggs and bacon. Mmm. Of course, I toss the toast and add in some avocado for an extra dose of delicious and filling.

Yum. 0 to breakfast in 10 minutes. Of course, sipping my coffee the whole time, so that 10 is not at all a waste. The one thing I do miss is eating out for breakfast, but that became difficult on the day I discovered I had to go dairy free. My favorite breakfast place mixes their fantastic home fries with butter first thing in the morning, so I can never enjoy them again (it's ok, I can make some fantastic and simple sweet potato home fries instead).  I mean, I can eat out for breakfast, I just have to be choosy.  Why go out for a simpler, less creative version of the same thing I can make at home?  Although, once I accept the fact that omelets can be just as delicious without cheese, it'd be nice to have someone make them for me.

In case you didn't know, eggs are super easy to make without whisking with milk first. In fact, I crack and whisk mine right in the pan with the heat on. There are tutorials I've found on making the perfectly fluffy scrambles that mimic what you would see mixed with milk, but I never liked those much anyway. 

Simple scrambled eggs

Fat for frying (you choose: bacon fat, olive oil, coconut)

Heat a thin layer of fat or oil in a pan at medium low heat. Crack eggs directly into pan and begin stirring with a (preferably rubber or silicon) spatula. Add spices to taste (salt, pepper, cayenne, you choose!) and continue stirring. Stir consistently as eggs begin to cook. Adding some water at this point may help you achieve the fluffy texture, but going without just means you are more likely to get the folded texture similar to omelet. 
When eggs are fully set, remove from heat, top with whatever your heart desires (my favorite is fresh guacamole) and nom. 

How do you breakfast?

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