"Cheating" and guacamole dogs

So, if no one is reading this, does that mean I'm talking to imaginary people? Does that make me crazy?

My mind is racing today. Not over anything useful whatsoever. I'm babbling internally (ok, so I probably am crazy anyway) over people I know (or don't know well enough), places and things I want to do and see. I can't do a damn thing about them yet. 
I think that's why food has become such a good outlet for me. It's something I have near complete control over. I can control the ingredients, the nutrients and tastes of what I put into my body. Cooking has become both exciting and relaxing for me. I get to discover new things and experiment with old things. There are thousands of recipes available on countless blogs from people with all takes on flavor, culture and nutrition. 
Plus side of this discovery of what I can put into my body? I feel better than ever and I've lost 15 lbs. Boom. I'm not seeing a single damned negative side effect to this. It's not like I've even deprived myself of anything. Yesterday, for dinner, I made chili and ate it on a hot dog. Yes, on a bun. Know what? It was delicious. I earned it. Sometimes, you just gotta let go. If it's not going to kill you, just relax and have that tasty, tasty evil food thing. Aside from the bread, it wasn't really all that much of an indulgence anyway. But, it most certainly was delicious. I can't wait to make that chili again and share it with you, Imaginary Reader. It needs perfecting, so I'm keeping it secret for now. Very hush hush. So don't pry. Mind your business. 
Anyway, tonight was a "I need food and don't feel like expending energy towards it" night. Despite loving cooking, sometimes those nights happen. Work felt like such a long day and then I had to go clothes shopping, which is always an emotional experience. So, I got home, and the rest of the larger large box of delicious natural casing hot dogs was right there, sitting invitingly in the fridge... and avocados, extremely overripe, need-to-be-eaten immediately, delicious avocados. So, what was dinner? Guacamole dogs of course! Now don't judge me, I went bread-less tonight. I decided to get a bit crazy, I mean creative, so I could have the delicious guacamole dog flavor without the unnecessary bread add-on.  Wanna know what I did?
I made the hot dog into the bun!

Tada! Guacamole stuffed hot dogs! It was as simple as slicing down the dog and spooning on/in a pile o' guac.

Mmm.  Totally worked. Protein! Healthy fats!  Perfect dinner, right? Right?

Oh, come on, you know you agree with me. I know I got looks that said "you have issues", but I thoroughly enjoyed my nomming. 

I'll cook something real tomorrow, I swear. 

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