Dessert Time: Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

So, I had a doughnut yesterday. Don't judge me. I see you, just sitting there with your judgey face going "a doughnut? How is that Paleo? How is it even low carb?"  Well, it was my first doughnut in 5 months. I think I've earned it. I simply couldn't resist when I heard about an allergen friendly bakery merely one town over. When I read that they made doughnuts only on Saturdays, I knew I had to partake. Was it the exact same as I remembered? No, it definitely had that dense, cakey texture of gluten free baking, but it was definitely a doughnut. Even more so, it was a doughnut that I knew would not cause any side effects one to three days from now. 
Indulgences every once in a while are important. Ya just gotta relax and enjoy life and food... Within moderation. But sometimes, you want that indulgence and don't want to step off track for even a second, which is perfectly understandable. But that's ok, there are options for that too. 
So, lets talk ice cream.  Don't give me that look again, I swear this is healthy ice cream. I've actually had this for breakfast before. Also, I'm bringing back bananas again. 

"Chunky Monkey" Banana Ice Cream

2 bananas
2 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp chocolate (I prefer Enjoy Life dairy free chips)

Peel 2 overripe bananas and freeze them until solid (best guess, plan ahead, I don't know how long this takes, I just keep a collection of frozen bananas). 
Chop the frozen bananas into 1 inch pieces and add to a blender or food processor. Blend until creamy (trust me, it works). 
Add the almond butter and chocolate and continue blending until slightly mixed. You should get swirls of each!
Plop into bowls and serve. I recommend two bananas as my blender does not much like a single banana at a time, but I also highly recommend finding a friend to share dessert or refreezing the extra as bananas are very high sugar. 

Excuse the awful picture, I was simply too excited to eat to play photographer. Ice cream was pretty much my favorite thing on the planet in my dairy years. Finding a perfectly acceptable substitute that tasted not at all like a compromise was heavenly. Seriously. 

Anyway, in this one, rather than chocolate chips, I used my homemade dark chocolate in the mix. It's liquidy at room temperature and solid when frozen or refrigerated, so it hardened into chocolate fudge swirls during blending. Mmm. 

Oh, want to know how to make your own chocolate? Are you sure? It's dangerously simple. 

3 Ingredient Dark Chocolate

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
1/4 cup raw honey/agave/maple syrup
2/3 cup cocoa powder

Mix ingredients together well, add additional sweetener if needed. Pour into molds or a parchment paper lined tray and place in the fridge for at least an hour or the freezer for half that if you're really in a rush. 
Can also be used at room temp as a fudge sauce. 

I'm personally a fan of my R2D2 and Han Solo in carbonite molds. :)

Happy desserts!

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