Evil food thingys

Wow, I learned a lot of things today. Not good things. Like just how thoroughly soy products are KILLING me and just how badly I can't afford pastured/grass-fed meats and organic produce, even though I really want to. Sigh. Today was a rough day. 
If you want to be as thoroughly terrified and depressed as I, feel free to read the same crap I read:




Anyway, I spent much of the rest of the day looking into CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture, also known as a co-op).  Unfortunately, I think I've had this revelation too late in the season and it either wouldn't likely be feasible or allowed to join now for the remaining couple of month. This makes me very sad because I found a meat CSA that does pickups that are only a 20 minute drive from me, hosting a selection of pastured chicken and eggs and grass fed beef. Pout. 

In the meantime, I will just have to suck it up and buy the gross factory farmed stuff and try to justify one expensive and probably delicious piece of meat every couple weeks... This whole thing is actually an important part of the foundation of the Paleo/Primal (for anyone wondering, my best understanding of Primal is that it allows for significant consumption of high quality dairy, a methodology that I unfortunately cannot follow) diets: high-quality, organic/pastured/grass-fed food sources. Not only is there a significant ethical purpose to this, this stuff is actually so much HEALTHIER. Vegetables bathed regularly in chemicals just sound so appetizing, right? How about cows that are weak and fatty and have antibiotics shoved down their throats? One part of the Paleo Diet Lifestyle article on meat that I just loved was this: "The problem is with the industrial food system, not with you". It's not your fault that this is what you can afford, you don't intentionally try to mistreat these things, unless you're one of these farmers...  Here's where vegans generally get their fuel, but my response is, why does that say we shouldn't eat meat? We have an evolutionary right to do so, but there's no saying that we have to abuse the animals first in order to eat them!
If you can, try to give the good stuff a try, not just from the ethical standpoint, but because it also benefits YOU. The happier animals actually are the healthier animals. Go give that article a read, they'll give you all the sciency bits so I don't have to try. 

Man, I babbled again. Gosh, this whole thing really spun my head. I'm pretty pumped to join my first CSA this Spring. How about any of you? Anyone here tried one?

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