Wow, it's been a while. Time flies when you're running around like a crazy person. But hey, there's always food! I have been making some pretty tasty and, even better, simple things. Wanna hear about them? No? Too bad. I feel a food babble coming on. Let's talk potatoes. Potatoes were pretty tough to give up. Mashed, fries, chips even. Mmm, au gratin... I miss au gratin. I haven't quite worked that one out yet. 
But mashed, fries, chips and even home fries, I've totally got covered. In some cases, the alternatives are better. Just the other night, I NEEDED some French fries. Not so much the taste, but the crunchy finger foodiness was very necessary. So I chopped up a couple bags of carrots. Now, hold on, before you decide I'm crazy, hear me out. You can make fries out of pretty much any root vegetable. Carrots are a surprisingly mega-success. The centers get nice and soft and the outsides crisp up nicely with a layer of olive oil. My next attempt will likely involve parsnips. Mmm, French fries.

Don't those look good? And they're a super simple way to satisfy a craving without compromising on health one bit. 

Here's the deal:

Baked Carrot Fries

Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 400. Wash carrots and cut into matchsticks. Thinner fries will work better. 
Lay onto a baking tray and lightly toss with oil, salt and pepper. Don't go too heavy with the oil. Don't want soggy fries!
Spread on the tray, avoiding overlapping. Bake for 30-45 minutes, watching after 25 to avoid burning. 

Serve immediately. They go great dipped in Paleo mayo (I make mine chipotle style).

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