Cheese, chocolate and chemicals.

So it's been pretty much exactly 6 months since THAT day, ya know, the one where my doctor told me my body doesn't like dairy (funnily enough, I remember the exact date well enough, but I can't remember birthdays or anniversaries for the life of me). 
It was about a month and a half later, after lots of research and recipe hunting that I realized that paleo was the best fit for my dietary needs and my goals. I've noticed now that the more I focus on providing my body with good, wholesome things, the more that desire is expanding. First, pesticides and grain-fed, factory-farmed animals made me nervous (though I still often buy such things due to a tight budget, it's a work in progress), then chemicals in my body products. The other day, I saw a Febreeze commercial about a new product called "sleep serenity" or something and the tv mom sprayed it in the room of her sleeping kids and all I could think was "oh good, spray the chemicals right over your children, let them breathe it all in". Gosh, I'm becoming such a hippie. Has this happened to anyone else who's taken pains for a natural, whole foods change?
I've been craving cheesy, creamy dishes lately. I couldn't tell you why, it's just been constant. In an attempt to satisfy said craving, I've been experimenting with lots of creamy dishes. Results have been mixed. I promise to share the successful ones eventually, but unfortunately, I do not have the time or resources to cook until perfection in the same day, so if it isn't just right, I won't share it and you'll just have to wait until I do. Deal with it. I expect to have lots to share while I detox, don't worry. 
A coping method with my cheese cravings that makes me shudder is my eating "cream cheese". That's right, soy product faux-cheese. My roommate came one with it one day because her boyfriend had accidentally bought it on a shopping trip and didn't want to go back. Whatever, I'll find a use for it and never eat it again. I don't turn down free food, generally. It's pretty gross on its own, but it's got the right texture, so when the craving threatens to overwhelm me, I spread a bit of it on a slice of salami and roll it up. It tastes like my childhood. *dreamy*
I'm looking forward to my detox to banish these cheese and chocolate cravings for good. It's going to be interesting, to say the least. 

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