Detox prep and tears.

So, I've been doing some prep work for my detox starting in one week. I decided on a whim to go full throttle and follow the Whole30 methodology to the letter...although I'm breaking the cardinal rule of 30 days... Semantics, right? Pssh. 
I swear I'll do a real one after the holidays. 
I did NOT do enough research before I made this desicion though, and started discovered food labels yesterday that made me more than a little panicky and sad. 
First, I gave up coffee a few weeks ago, tried to go with nothing in the mornings, but I really love the bitter, smooth body of coffee first thing. Tea just doesn't have that, it's merely delicious hot water. So, I switched to Teeccino herbal coffee. I thought nothing of it, at first. To me it's just coffee! Turns out this "coffee" contains barley root. Cue the panicked Googling for alternatives. Turns out, according to Root Simple, the rest beyond the carob and chicory (which are the first 2 ingredients) is just extra, that may add a depth of flavor, but are not necessary to the coffee-ness. Solution? Go for broke and order a pound of each. Sensible, right? Right. 
Second, I figured my cans of tuna would be good emergency protein. It's packed in water, right? Wrong. It's also packed in soy isolates. Eiw. Solution? Continue going for broke and order a 12pack of Wild Planet that will last me forever because I will be too scared to waste it. Also, grumpily eat a can of Bumblebee tuna for dinner. 
Finally, my beloved almond milk. I cook with it, add it to my coffee and drink it with Oreos (don't judge, they're dairy-free). But, not only is it packed with preservatives, which are frowned upon for the Whole30, it's got Carageenan right there in the center of the ingredients label, which is straight up not allowed. Carageenan is one of those "natural" products that many health companies seem to add which has many negative effects on the body. Sadface. Solution, stock up on full fat coconut milk. 
Needless to say, I spent a lot of money yesterday. And I cried. Well, inside. I don't cry. I'm heartless. But, these things will all last me a long time and I will truly be the better for it. The only things now that I will have to worry about starting next week is meat, eggs and veggies. Oh, did I mention? I'm taking this one step further and eliminating more fruits also. I need the cold turkey effect to really kick the cravings, so I'm limiting myself to the occasional sweet potato and green apple for my "sugar". Should be fun right?
You should join me! No, really. Take three weeks, pick a detox program you like and do it. Just do it. You don't have to go  as hardcore as I am, but wouldn't you love to enter the holiday season fully in control of your eating (not to mention looking super sexy in all those inevitable photos)?
I promise to have recipes soon. I have a bunch planned, but I'm dumb and always forget to MEASURE things the first time I make it, so I don't have much to share, do I?

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