Sugar and food processors

Man, I've been sugar crazy lately. Like seriously, I need at least two hits of something sugary (usually chocolatey) a day just to get through the next few hours without majorly distracting cravings. It's one of two things, I figure, or maybe a combination thereof: I quit coffee this week (many reasons I'll go into later) and I think my body may be trying to compensate for its usual dose of energy, ie the sugar and caffeine found in chocolate; also I've been indulging a lot more so my body may be back to its old cycle of carby cravings (potentially amplified by stress). Either way, it's a LOT of fun, really and it means that I might need to give myself another kick in the pants quite soon. 
That being said, I'm contemplating setting off on my first Whole30 after Halloween. Whole30 is a program by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig from Whole9 that is basically a very strict form of Paleo for 30 days to allow the body to reset. It's a full on hardcore detox and I think I need it. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is right around the corner after Halloween and I already know it would be way too stressful to do a detox on the biggest holiday dedicated to food, especially since I'm not the one cooking and have no control over what my parents put sugar in (that's right, sugar and even honey are not Whole30 approved). Soooooo, I'm thinking I'm going to try something more like a Whole21. Three Perfectly Paleo weeks. That should be fun, right? I'm feeling this is something that needs to happen before the holidays, so I don't completely spaz out once I have food in front of me. 
Last night, I made some of my chocolate from scratch, beautifully rich and dark, and washed it down with plain almond milk. Delicious. I thought I was good... But then I bought and ate half a bar of dark chocolate today. Guess not. Shucks. What are your thoughts on detoxes? I think they're super painful, but it's the only way to get me to STOP. 
Oh yeah, so I also stopped drinking coffee... For now. Not forever, but I needed to break the dependency. It's been tough. The tension headaches from work are getting worse, but I think regulating my energy levels (and maybe picking up meditation) will help a lot. I'm trying to trick my brain by Teeccino herbal coffee in the mornings. Ever tried Teeccino? It's pretty delicious. Not quite coffee, but very close and very tasty.  And completely, naturally caffeine free. 
On another sugary note, my new mini food processor came in today. And it's all awesome and purple. :D I really wanted to use it TODAY, but I had nothing to cook, so I just figured I HAD to make banana ice cream, right? Right? Yes. 
Omgosh, best decision ever. 

Look at THAT. Easiest time I've ever had making banana ice cream (if you didn't see my recipe for Chunky Monkey Ice Cream, banana ice cream is pretty simple: chop up a frozen banana and blend!) Don't get me wrong, I love my blender. But it is no fun for heavy jobs like frozen bananas and cauliflower. Ugh. This is gonna be so good for making cauliflower rice. :)

What's your favorite blender/food processor food?

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