Baked eggs and Mexican chocolate

Hello from Day 21! Three weeks in and going strong! Well, sort of... I'm honestly not feeling so amazing. My headaches are gone and my energy levels are more stable, also sitting through the day is easier. I should be over the MOON about this... But I keep going through waves of ridiculous cravings, things I couldn't eat even before starting the program like rich chocolate cake with milk chocolate frosting, cheesy pizza and nachos... I think my brain is angry at me for trying to take control and it's lashing out by taunting me with these images. It's no fair. Also, my skin is just as terrible as it started, if not worse... and this past week, I've been beset by bloating and general discomfort. Humph. This all makes for a sad Kate. 
But, that aside, I have two new obsessions. First: baked eggs. I found a small ceramic dish in our cabinet that is the freaking perfect size. 

It's a ridiculously easy dish to make, with endless combinations. My favorites were leftover beef sweet potato hash with broccoli and cinnamon sweet potatoes topped with salsa and avocado. The only issue is it can be time consuming. Pro tip (ya know, from my huge experience making it... three... times... Yeah): have your bottom layers cooked ahead of time. Leftover veggies chopped small are GREAT, or some wilted spinach. 

Anyway, this ain't really a recipe, just a basic how to. Preheat your oven to 400 and fill your dish with a layer of veggies/meat. If they are not precooked, place the dish in your preheated oven till tender.  Crack a couple eggs over your filling and return to the oven. Bake for 12-15 minutes until eggs are set. 
Try not to scarf it down. It's hot, for one.  For another, it's just unsightly. 

My second obsession: Mexican chocolate coffee. Chocolate, you say? How can this be, shouldn't you be having nothing sugary during your Whole30? (That's what you're thinking, right? I knew it). Never fear, I've not imbibed of the sugaryness. I simply desired something chocolate. Intensely desired. The smell and rich taste, I needed it. But it didn't need to be sweet, it just needed to be CHOCOLATE. 

The solution? Duh, I said it already. 

Mexican Chocolate Coffee 

2 teaspoons coffee grounds (real coffee, Teeccino or an herbal mix of carob and chicory)
1 teaspoon cocoa powder (real cocoa powder, not hot chocolate mix)
2-3 dashes cinnamon
1 dash of cayenne pepper
Optional: coconut/almond milk to taste
Optional: honey to taste

Brew grounds and spices in a French press (if using a regular coffee maker, brew with cinnamon and cayenne, but save the cocoa powder for after). 
If desired, mix brew with milk to mellow and/or honey to sweeten. The honey will make it more like a mocha. 

This was deep and bitter and a touch spicy. And oh so soothing. Since I use herbal coffee, it makes a great evening drink in place of hot cocoa. 

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