My Whole30 goals

My pumpkin soup came out a little too thin, so I just dumped it in a mug and drank it. That's what I get for not measuring last time, dammit. I've learned my lesson, I swear! I promise to measure from now on, then I can share my tasty soup recipe (once I figure out what it is...)
Looks tasty though, right?

So, here it is. Detox day 0. I know, I said this would be day one, but the weekend got away from me and I wasn't able to get the necessary groceries. So, today after work involved a trip to Whole Foods, some sticker shock over the cost and some meal planning. I'm keeping my meal plans really basic, based on whatever I pick up every week. I'll be aiming for sales along with the occasional treat. This week's treat is a pack of smoked salmon. For future reference, if you're a fan, check the ingredients! The first pack I picked up included sugar. Eiw, who puts sugar in smoked salmon?
Anyway, so far, I've picked up 2 lbs of ground beef (I found grass-fed beef, yay!), 3 lbs of chicken legs, uncured (and un-sugared) sausage, a dozen eggs and smoked salmon (for $45, uck). Tomorrow, I'll hit the regular supermarket for some avocados, beets and green veggies to complement the load of squash and carrots I'm hoarding. Treats in future will be much more limited, I can't afford $50 a week just for meat!
Oh, another change, I decided to heck with thanksgiving, I can still enjoy it plenty without pie. It's more important for me to make the 30 day detox in full. I have lots of goals; weight loss barely even registers on it. I'll be starting off with a number of "befores" tomorrow morning. Aside from weighing in, I'm gonna take basic measurements (waist, thighs, arms), checking my body fat percentage and taking pictures. Then, I'm going to put it all aside until day 31. I don't give a damn if the number on the scale changes, but I will be somewhat hoping for some slimming in my measurements. My primary focus, however, is change in my skin. I have painfully uncomfortable chronic cystic acne on my chin and spreading up my cheeks. I have heard a number of Whole30 stories about drastic acne improvements. Let's just say I'm excited to see if I'm one of them! Second, I'd like to see some serious emotional improvements. My stress and anxiety levels have been slowly climbing lately, culminating in being afraid to settle down and attempt to sleep because my mind creates terrifying images in the dark. 
So, tomorrow is day one.  For breakfast, I'm planning an egg and salmon scramble and lunch will entail roasted carrots and beef patties or chicken... Haven't decided yet. I promise to keep you posted!

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