One week down!

Hello from Day 7! I survived one whole week! Yay me! Today was a tough day, very stressful emotionally and I just desperately wanted to dive into a mocha or a plate of brownies. But, of course I know better than to give into that, I've been fighting those temptations for far longer than a week.  I made a cup of peppermint tea and shuffled through my day. 
Overall, it's been a pretty easy first week compared to other detoxes I've done.  The Whole30 timeline on Whole9's page suggests that the first week consists of food hangovers, anger and exhaustion. I've pretty much felt... the same as before I started. I'm looking forward to getting through week 2 as I can only expect it will be boring. It's stated to be the frustration stage, where nothing is going wrong, but nothing good is happening just yet. I'm not worried about this phase. It'll kinda be a repeat of last week, but as long as my food excitement continues, I'm ok with that. Speaking of, I've been eating mostly leftovers from my cooking escapades last weekend. Which is super cool with me. I've made so many things that I can easily mix and match based on my mood. Though last night I grabbed dinner with my parents before a movie. EXTENSIVE research showed me that the Panera Mediterranean chicken salad was safe so long as I subbed out the chicken (which has sugar in the ingredients... gross) and bacon (sugar and nitrites, sad face) and added steak. Mmm, steak. Unfortunately, they happened to be out of olive oil, so my dressing was just lemon juice. Double sad face and very boring. Eating out is definitely stressful while Whole30ing. When desperate, I am told that Chipotle carnitas are safe, though I would verify with the local manager first because it seems they've been fiddling with their ingredients a lot. Huff. Note to self: cook a LOT on the weekends to alleviate need and suffering during the week. 
Only 3 weeks and two days to go!

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