Weekend eats

Howdy! How's everyone's weekend going? Today's day 4 and I'm feeling ridiculously positive. The stressors of last week have faded from my mind significantly and I've spent the weekend alternating between productivity and relaxation and I still have another day and a half to go!
Yesterday was a bit frustrating as my kitchen adventures did not go according to plan (it all worked out in the end fortunately), my mayo didn't emulsify... Super gross by the way, but I learned that you can recover it by taking the mayo fail out of the blender and adding it back slowly to an egg yolk. Whew. Have you ever made your own mayo? You should, it's so much better for you than store bought and just takes a few (messy) minutes! Anyway, I also had to fight with my half thawed chicken to get it ready for the crock pot. I roasted the whole bird in the slow cooker and it makes an awesome gravy too! Thanks to Michelle Tam's awesome recipe (http://nomnompaleo.com/post/4807547385/slow-cooker-roast-chicken-and-gravy), I had a delicious dinner with mashed cauliflower. Aaaand earlier kitchen frustration... Vanquished. 
I didn't even bother cleaning the crock pot once I'd removed the gravy, just tore apart the chicken and threw the empty carcass back in along with another carcass I'd been keeping in the freezer, some chopped veggies, water and ACV. Tonight I should have some tasty chicken bone broth to make soup with! Mmm. 
I got lots of sleep last night, nearly 12 hours. I can't say if it's detox recharging or just because I needed it. I'm overall feeling pretty well adjusted considering it hasn't even been a week. Maybe because my diet wasn't terrible before (though I definitely fell into the pre-detox trap of justifying junk since I wouldn't be able to eat it for the next month). 
Today for lunch, I threw together a simple chicken salad, shredded leftover chicken, mayo and spicy mustard (I freaking love brown mustard in my chicken/tuna/egg salads) on beet greens. The stem part of the green added a nice bit of crunch to the mix. 

I'm probably going to be eating this a lot since I have a whole chicken to go through... Hmm. 

Tonight I'm making a squash soup with my Hubbard squash, it's developing a bad spot.  Sadface. Hopefully it's salvageable. *fingers crossed* I promise to write down the recipe this time!

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