Wooooah! We're halfway there!

Hello from day 15! I have officially survived the halfway point and I'm feeling pretty good! A couple things that are surprising me are a number of cravings that popped up randomly today even though I thought I was past the point and I'm having troubled getting out of bed mornings. The cravings, I feel, are more linked to my emotional state than the actual food though and same with the getting up part. I'm craving general tso's chicken, chocolate pudding and almond butter chocolate treats. These are my traditional "soothing" comfort foods and I think I'm craving how it made me feel when I'd eat them. This is why I am being so careful to not recreate any old comfort foods this month. I simply need to learn to handle my stress without food. Then again, I also had a craving for cinnamon toast crunch the other day... I can't explain that one. I hate the stuff. But, goddamn, I really want some general tso's. But how comforting would it be now or would I just feel sick? The morning issue isn't so much the waking up, I'm alert when my alarm goes off, I simply have no motivation or desire to move. I'm going to blame that on the cold though. Cold is dumb. Ugh. 
But otherwise, I'm doing damn good. This weekend my face broke out terribly and painfully, but I haven't had a new blemish in days and I appear to be quickly healing. Also, headaches are less often and my body temperature is more regular at work. I call this a success well worth another couple of weeks, yeah?
I've been eating pretty well too. Simply, but well. Last night I threw together a small butternut squash lasagna to provide lunches for the next few days and earlier this week, I was lunching on roasted chicken drumsticks marinated in coconut aminos and spices. I'm addicted to coconut aminos now. For breakfast yesterday, I had some cauliflower to use up, so I riced it and fried it up with some egg. Tada, fried rice brought to you by Coconut Aminos! 
It's funny, comfort food cravings aside, all I'm really missing right now, is just a glass of wine or two while cooking dinner. Which is funny, that's what most bloggers whose experiences I've read seem to miss, though not necessarily while cooking dinner... O:)  I know this one is a genuine, safe desire, rather than a craving, because I'm not envisioning how it feels or tastes to consume, I just miss its presence in my life. That will be my day 31 treat, for sure. 

I'll be experimenting with a chili recipe this weekend, so hopefully I'll have a recipe to share. In the meantime, happy eats!

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