Post Whole30

So day 30 sorta came and went and I awoke day 31 with many plans to just have one or two treats, and return to Whole30 strictness for the next few days to detox said treats... I did real good for most of the day. I was spending the day in NY with my family, and then the night with a friend. I woke up, had a good breakfast of herbal coffee and cauliflower crust quiche and headed out with the fam. Lunch came far later than I would have liked and I ended up shelling out far too much money for a salad, as tasty as it was (kale, spinach, chicken, olives, butternut and avocado... Mmm). So when I was faced with a self serve froyo place that happened to have dark chocolate sorbet, I could not say no. I kept the portion small and topped it with fresh pomegranate seeds and mango. But, aside from the fact that I knew it was dairy free, I do not know what was in it.  Soy? Some sort of unnecessary preservatives? I hope not... But I'd already opened the floodgates. The treats I was accounting for were already planned out. When I broke away from my family to meet up with my friend, a shot of whiskey was pressed into my hand (also unaccounted for, I had done research on grain free vodkas and had planned to drink only that all night). The night continued with amazing Korean BBQ, more whiskey and plenty of vodka sodas. 
Funnily enough, my alcohol tolerance seems to have increased. I drank a lot more than I planned and ended the night quite sober. The next morning though, my stomach definitely felt unhappy. So breakfast was an egg and bagel sandwich to soak up the acids... So yet more indulgences. Aaand so the week continued, with me grumpily going "why not?"  In the end, I am very glad I am already planning on a take 2 come January. We will just have to call this past month practice, because I clearly need more than 30 days to truly affect my self control. While I was in the program, I was completely ok with saying "no" to myself, but once I do not have that excuse, I go overboard. Maybe next time I need a Whole45, or at least a more strict reintroduction to hold myself to because I clearly have control issues. 
Poor reintro aside, my specs from before and after are interesting. I did not exercise regularly and honestly did not think I had any weight left to lose, but I managed to drop 6.5 pounds and 2 percent body fat. I also banished my chronic headaches and haven't suffered body/back pain at work in weeks. These are both amazing, though I had higher hopes. My acne has remained the same, if not gotten worse. Fortunately, I know, thanks to my amazing doctor, that my hormonal imbalance is the issue here. I've got a load of new vitamins and a lot of hope. And plans to meditate to reduce my stress levels...

Verdict: Whole30 = Awesome. But I need to give it more time and dedicate myself more thoroughly. I need to set up regular exercise and possibly continue to take my vitamins, even if they are non compliant.  I'm excited for January, how about you?

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