Whole30 the Second (Whole45)

It's been a pretty intense holiday season, but I am back and Whole30ing again! Well, Whole45ing... Yeah. I had a rough month after I finished my last Whole30. Holidays, winter blues and some heavy emotional stuff took a huge toll on me and I broke down and just started eating. I just didn't care, essentially if I wanted it, I ate it. Even dairy... Though in minimal amounts. I'd have just a bite of frosted cake, a couple chocolate chip cookies, a tiny taste of that cheesy dish. But gluten, processed, junk filled things, also made their way into my body relatively often and in large amounts. My headaches came back, my motivation disintegrated and I got a pretty nasty cold that I am still recovering from. Ugh. Needless to say, my desire for comfort food is vanishing in the wake of my need to feel right again. 

So here's to day one. I've spent the morning fasting, drinking water and herbal tea, to give my digestive system a bit of a rest. Generally, fasting seems to be frowned upon by Whole30ers, but I use it only as an occasional break to reset my body and start fresh. I'm not even putting myself through a full 24 hours and am looking forward to a good lunch soon. 

I'm doing this just a little bit different this time.  First, I've joined the Whole9 forum and plan to keep a public log, similar to this, but much more intensive. Also, I am going to continue taking my supplements even though some contain non-compliant ingredients. Many people have asked this question and the response tends to be "doctor prescribed meds are forgivable, supplements are not" regarding ingredients, but I'm going to go ahead and consider these meds, since they are selected by my naturopath to conquer some issues that I don't think diet alone can remedy. So, I will be daily partaking in small amounts of rice flour, soybean oil and soy lecithin. I hope it doesn't really mess things up for me, but I just can't afford to replace 3 already expensive supplements with new bottles and I don't think I should go without. I haven't gotten any responses from others to give me more direction on it, so here goes. Clear skin, are you in my future?

I hope to have tasty recipes to share soon, I haven't been doing much cooking, but I do have a brownie recipe I am pretty damn proud of that will be going up eventually. 

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