AIP Whole30 Week 2

Whew. Fourteen days. I'm feeling good, but discovering a few things about myself: AIP is extra frustrating when I can't comfort myself with compliant treats (aka SWYPO). I think a regular protocol with treats, not even necessarily sugary ones, but something comforting that's not purely designed for sustenance (like a fruit sweetened cookie, perhaps or some kombucha gummies/jello) would make this process SO much easier. Regular paleo Whole30s are easy because I had nut butters and chocolate chili and COFFEE to fall back on when I needed comfort. Particularly approaching the holiday season, I find the call for treats to be more heavy.
I know that fighting the need for treats is a key part of Whole30, specifically not letting them control you. But, AIP is stressful and exhausting. Sometimes, you just want some banana ice cream. Instead, you apparently eat a banana drowning in coconut milk and wonder if that's crossing the SWYPO line. I said last week that I salute all you folks who are in the AIP for life, I'm understanding even more now. Many of you are low-FODMAP or low sugar. I find I'm becoming much more dependent on fruit for some tasty variety and I can't imagine giving that up too. You amaze and inspire me. 
Alright, enough of the grumbling, onto the good. Aside from the food grumpies I just described, I'm feeling pretty darn good. I'm currently unemployed and therefore sleeping a lot (7-9 hours a night), but I think my stable energy levels and moods can be credited more to my food. Dairy, in particular, contributes to terrible mood swings in me and I'd been rather lax about having just a taste here and there lately. Also, all the sugary, bready indulgences could not have been helping me any. Looking in the mirror, I'm feeling like I'm leaning out. The boy is too, his ab definition is coming back (ooh la la). 
My skin feels a little rough, particularly on my forehead, but it's not quite a new breakout, not sure if that's detox or something else my body isn't appreciating my consumption of. 

I don't like subsistence eating. I have lots of free time. That means lots of food experiments. This week, we've done chili and meatloaf and corned beef and curry, for a few examples. We also managed a successful restaurant adventure. It required just a touch of research for me to find a steak joint that offered sweet potatoes and steamed veggies as sides and the waitress paid close attention and didn't give me too many crazy looks when we asked for everything PLAIN. That led to a pretty damn satisfying meal, I must say, and it was nice to get out of the house for once (I was only stressing till I got to taste the food, I swear). 

As usual, this got wordy, sorry. Check out my Instagram (@better_than_bread) for pics of some of my best eats the past few weeks. I'll leave you with this tasty morsel:

Home cured AIP corned beef.  Don't let the lack of vibrant pink fool you, this was a delicious meal.

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