New Name, New Outlook

Hey, folks!  It's Kate, of the former Better Than Bread blog.  I started this blog a few years ago when I discovered Paleo and a new passion for cooking (I used to hate to cook, it was the need to innovate and get creative that led me to love it).  I had a sudden urge to share any of my nifty creations, and at first, they were many.  Then, things happened.  I got more into the Paleo-sphere and realized how much was out there, life started stressing me out and I just stopped coming up with "new" things, or I decided that someone else could do it better and it just seemed exhausting to try.
Plus, frankly, I hate writing down recipes, because I am a "dash of this, dash of that and oh-crap-this-is-delicious-and-I-have-no-idea-what's-in-it" kinda cook.  I simply gave up and there was a long time of just ignoring this place that was meant to be my way to connect with the world.

But other things have also happened in that time.  My discovery of Paleo has led me to other great people who talk about nutrient density and food quality, plus looking at your skincare and cleaning products the same way you look at your plate.  My passion has grown so much beyond just a love of food (trust me, I still love food) into a desire to detoxify as many aspects of my life as I can control.

I have many goals.  I'm working to heal my gut and convince my husband we don't need conventional detergent (work in progress, guys, work in progress) and I'm learning new things every day that I just want to explore and experiment with.  So, my new name, Naturally Kate, is to reflect that goal.  I want to discover ME and I want to share it all.  Food, skincare, cleaning products, meditation, exercise, everything!
Even if no one reads this ever, it's part of my own journey to document each new thing.  Something cool I find, some new things I try that work, and things that don't work.  I love each and every one of you that might take the time to read this and tag along on this journey with me, but a lot of this is about learning how to be Kate, naturally.


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