Things I'm Into: Standing Up

It's going to be my goal every week to share at least one thing I'm currently into, be it a new thing I've discovered, something I'm experimenting with or just an old, resurrected obsession.  I was going to share two things this week, but, as usual, I talk too much.  I'm sure I'll still be into the other next week to share.  :)

First off, an app called Stand Up.  I've been dealing with a lot of body pain and stiffness lately.  I KNOW I need a new pillow (I finally ordered one!), but a lot of it comes from my typical, overly sedentary lifestyle.  I work as a cubicle drone and our chairs are awful.  I spent a month using an equally awful lumbar roll from my doctor and I managed to train myself to actually sit properly, which is wonderful as I'm the stereotypical sloucher.  The roll not only forced me to sit upright, but it alleviated some of the pressure on my back while my muscles learned to support themselves. There's more than that though, sitting all day just makes you stiff and sore and tired, no matter how good your posture, particularly since the aforementioned awful chairs offer no support. I'm just not ready to be "that person" who brings in a yoga ball to sit on or a standing desk setup, but I need to fix my pain.  Lately, I've been hearing (from various sources), for every 20-30 minutes sitting, we should be getting up and moving for a few minutes to counteract that damage.  I've already been making as many trips to the printer as possible, but I was ready to amp up.

I downloaded this app (free for iPhone, not sure about Android), which allows me to set a time frame for it to remind me to, well, stand up! I currently have it set for 30 minutes and I can simply leave my phone face up on my desk on silent and see the little notification pop up.  When it does, I either take a trip to the bathroom, go for some water, stand up and stretch or simply do some butterfly kicks or toe taps under my desk.  Employers don't really "get" or encourage truly healthy habits in their employees and I feel like getting up for a walk every 30 minutes would get me in trouble.  A sad fact about today's work life.

It feels great though, I move a little and work out the kinks before they really get a chance to settle in.  And butterfly kicks under the desk are actually a great little ab workout.  I only look a little silly, I'm sure. :) Body pain and aches are a serious cause of stress for me, and all I want to do when I get home is curl up on the couch and be tired, which only perpetuates the problem. I'm hoping to make this a habit, plus walks with co-workers at lunch and, soon, lifting (something I started a few weeks ago, but failed to continue for various reasons).

Do you spend most of your time sitting?
What sorts of things do you do to keep active and reduce pain?

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