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In spring of 2013, frustrated with having prescriptions shoved in my hands for any little complaint, I went to my first naturopath.  It was mind-blowing to have a doctor actually listen to my concerns and answer my questions, then order a full work up (I do not mean disrespect to MDs, they are very educated people and medication has its purpose, but sometimes, you just need more).  The main discovery from that venture was that I had a sensitivity to dairy proteins. Considering I wasn't a milk drinker, but cheese and yogurt were present in nearly every meal I consumed, I didn’t quite know how I would survive without, but I was ready to try.  The withdrawals were terrible and the adjustment painful, but the heartburn that had been plaguing me for months finally and completely abated.  

This simple thing ended up being a catalyst that changed the course of my life.  I started looking at ingredients in food, discovered Paleo and a love of cooking.  I overhauled my diet and originally founded this blog to share the recipes and tasty things I came up with.  Then my scrutiny turned to the products I was putting on my body and using to clean the spaces I occupied and I suddenly had so much more I wanted to share as each day I discover something new.  My goal now is to detoxify as much of my life as possible, from what I put on and in my body, and the things, people and activities I surround myself with.

It hasn’t been a straightforward journey, rather a path of self discovery, including steps forward and back.  My dairy sensitivity was just the first part of my health discovery, as I have learned now it is a sign of more problems in the gut.  I have new healing goals as I attempt to rectify years of damage from a Standard American Diet and not taking care of my mental and emotional health (as we often do in our fast paced modern lifestyle).  Today, I wish to find a balance where my health and enjoyment of life meet.

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